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Ruben Wijga is a musician from The Netherlands. Over the last years he has been involved in different bands and projects, both on stage and behind the scenes. 


Ruben is probably most well known as the keyboard player of metal band ReVamp. As a classically trained violin player, with an education at the conservatory of Groningen (The Netherlands) in composition, music production and studio production, and with a special interest in metal, electronic instruments and sounds, Ruben is an all-round musician. Over the last years he worked on different projects, varying from playing keyboards in metal bands to scoring for a theater show and from fiddling irish tunes to making movie scores.

For his keyboard related work, Ruben mostly uses software synths combined with analogue synths. Also in his studio he has a solid collection of software, sample libraries and nifty electronic (DIY) instruments. Brands he uses include Logic Pro, MainStage, Finale, Native Instruments Komplete, Vienna Symphonic Library, Arturia, XLN Audio, Waves, Røde, Akai, Dave Smith Instruments, MFB and Doepfer.
As a violin player Ruben uses a 1947 violin and a NS Design WAV4 electric violin.


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Every now and then you can expect some updates from Ruben, whether it’s about a new project, a live concert, new gear he got, or anything else he finds interesting enough to share with the world.
Recent Blog Posts

Euler in Vienna

februari 15, 2016  /  By Ruben Wijga

This month I purchased some real nice (the best?) woodwind samples and I made a special composition for this occasion. Read here all about it and have a listen to this piece.

Hello world!

oktober 25, 2015  /  By Ruben Wijga

Hello world! I am happy to welcome you to my new website. Here you can check out my musical activities and which projects I have done in the past. When I get more musical adventures on my path, I will update you with new blog posts.

For now, I want to point out one of my latest projects I was involved in: The Theater Equation. When you navigate to Projects on my website, you can find more information and pictures about this exciting theater adaption of Arjen Lucassen’s The Human Equation.


If you are interested in one of Ruben’s musical services you can contact him through this form.

Ruben is available for (film) composing, songwriting, arranging, orchestrating, studio and live jobs for keyboards and violin, scoring, band coaching, sound designing and various kinds of (skype) lessons.