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  • dinsdag - november, 10, 2015


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    Ruben temporarily replaced Epica’s keyboard player Coen Janssen for the first eight shows of their 2015 European Tour. Due to personal circumstances Coen couldn’t attend at these shows, therefore Epica asked Ruben if he could play these shows.

  • maandag - augustus, 10, 2015


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    Ruben joined ReVamp in 2010 as their keyboard player. When they started to write the second album, Ruben also became one of the main songwriters.

  • zondag - augustus, 09, 2015

    The Theater Equation

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    Ruben was asked to play keyboards ad manage backing tracks for this special project.

  • zaterdag - augustus, 08, 2015

    Christmas Metal Symphony

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    In 2013 Ruben was one of the two keyboard players for Christmas Metal Symphony. He also wrote a last minut orchestra arrangement during the tour.

  • vrijdag - augustus, 07, 2015

    Celestial Ruin

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    In February 2015 Ruben was asked to make the keyboard and orchestra arrangement for Celestial Ruin’s newest full-length album. There are a lot of epic orchestra parts interspersed with horror elements and FX. Together with some nice supporting but ruthless synth lines and the solid riffing you can expect from Celestial Ruin it resulted in a great coherent album with an own sound and atmosphere.

  • donderdag - augustus, 06, 2015

    Souring Highs & Brutal Lows

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    Director Mark Harwood made an interesting documentary on women in metal.  For this film, Mark followed several metal bands, including ReVamp. Through this way Mark Harwood and Ruben got to know each other and Mark asked Ruben to do the scoring for this film. As Ruben did some film scoring before and found this project very cool, he immediately said yes.

    The premier of the film will be as part of FemME (Female Metal Event) in the Netherlands on 15 october 2015.

  • woensdag - augustus, 05, 2015

    13 Steps

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    Dutch Hardcore / Metal band 13 steps asked Ruben to lay down some violin tracks for their album Maleficent Thoughts, released in 2015.

  • dinsdag - augustus, 04, 2015


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    This Dutch short arthouse film was directed by Justus van den Elsen. He was looking for a film composer and got in touch with Ruben through a synthesizer forum. At their first meeting they talked about the film, music and Ruben’s portfolio and they were both enthusiastic about this new collaboration. The film premiered in February 2013.

  • maandag - augustus, 03, 2015

    Andrei Lugovski

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    Andrei Lugovski is a Belarusian-Belgian singer. For his album ‘Reason to believe’ (2014) Ruben made the scores for the purpose of the studio recordings on the basis of arrangements producer Joost van den Broek made.

    Later on, Ruben made an arrangement for band and small ensemble for a live show of Andrei.

    Ensemble: Violin I / Violin II / Viola / Cello / Piano / Keyboards / Guitar /  (Double) Bass / Percussion / Drums

  • zondag - augustus, 02, 2015

    The Irish Vikings

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    Since 2013 Ruben is a permanent member of The Irish Vikings. They regularly play pub gigs and festivals in Norway.